Non-government non-profit organisation Eurasia was officially registered 15 of May 2001like adequate reaction for processes that being in all social fields.

Main sphere of work is logical antiglobalistic movement. Were for cultural variety, organic democratic rules (under control of all people), alternative (real) economic models, independent mass media, strong (deep) ecological factors in surrounding. Were against one-polar American globalism, US military geopolotic expansion, religion expansion, domination of capital (especially, virtual money), modern mass-pop-culture that poisoning youth.

From May 2001 weve organized few musical performances in Sumy with strong ideologic basis (boycott McDonalds , anti NATO, deny the mass culture), released book of poetry, two exhibitions of drawers, few lectures for Youth.

Were doing irregular magazine named Kali-Yuga (now #3 in process) and bulletin (out each three months).

Also were run small  music label for alternative music. 

Members of Eurasia always try to contact scientist fields and to explain aggressive and damaging policy of globalism, TNC, WTO, NATO, etc.  


June 25, 2002 . Interactive seminar Ukraine-Russia-NATO that was in Ukrainian Academy of Banking (Sumy). On seminar were representative persons of NATO, Institute of strategic research, National Institute of Problems of  International Security, Institute of  Society Transformation

Sept 25-26, 2002 . International Scientific Conference dedicated to globalization, Sumy , Ukraine

Feb 2003. Began work of School of Oriental Dance in youth city center Romantika where any female person can study bellydance and oriental dance.

March 1, 2003 . Unique performance that contain lection and film about globalism, introduction to alternative music, declamation of poetry, playing of two avantgarde music bands and presentation of School of Oriental Dance

March 4, 2003 . Interview to regional state radio where spoke a lot about destructivetendencies of globalism.  March 2003. Issue of Kali-Yuga magazine #2.

March 8-9, 2003 . Visit to Dijon ( France ) for unofficial meeting of PGA net.

March 15, 2003 . Lecture about hitching and free traveling. Lector Anton Krotov (Moscow, Russia)

March 20, 2003 . Lecture Russian literature from different points of view for workers of city library net.

April 18, 2003 . Start of 2nd Ecologic Forest International Olympiad (scientific and research school works dealing with environmental). Will be finished in Oct. 2003.

April 21, 2003 . Issue of poetry book of local person Lev Zhylin.

April 23, 2003 . Issue of releases of local musical collectives Graal, Project Trio, A- ( each is limited to 100 pcs)

Eurasia has not any sponsor and donor. If you some kind of charity or want help us in any way, please contact us.




Leonid Savin , box 131 , 40030 Sumy , Ukraina

       Phone: country code + 0542 22 47 30

       Fax: country code + 0542 21 13 57 (please, mark all messages for Leonid Savin )


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